What is online earning?

What is online earning?

Online earning is the hottest topic these days but how to do and what to do is the matter. In this blog, you will find the basics of online earning and several platforms to work on.

What is online earning??

Online earning is the method to generate money by using the source of internet. It is a vast term which includes a number of ways to work upon which may be a website, web store, a game application, you tube channel, online business or by a website. Most appealing thing is that you do not have to find employment in other companies but you can work by sitting at your own space and own decided time frame.

What to do?

In countries like Pakistan where inflation is at its peak, earning handsome money to afford a luxury lifestyle is the priority of everyone. Not only a single house member can bear all the expenditure instead everyone has to contribute.

Following are the opportunities for online earning.

Online business

Online business involves selling the products (digital or physical) online to a number of clients by sitting at your home space. It may involve creating an E-commerce website, an application or any social media platform to interact with the customers. If you already have a physical business in one city, you can expand it online in whole country by using digital platforms. Moreover, if you want to take a start, you can earn handsome money by selling quality products online from your home.


Opportunities for online earning are tremendous but how to avail them is really the big issue. If you are skilled to perform some work like graphic designing, website or application development, Search Engine Optimization, content creation, simply typing, animation creation or any other, it is a golden opportunity to join any of the famous online portals. You can sell your services to the potential customers and grab money as per your demand.  top online portals are Fiverr, Upwork, GURU, Toptel and many others. You simply have to join them by creating your account and making your handsome profile. Once you are an established seller, you can earn really a big amount per month.

Amazon Drop Shipping

Amazon is a great platform where you can sell a variety of product online to the customers worldwide. Drop shipping is the best option for beginners as they do not have to invest on purchasing products and storing them until they are sold out. You just book the desired products from the product makes and take order from customers. Amazon handles shipping and customer service. You can get a good profit per item depending upon the number of product you sold and rate per item.

Become a V Logger

If you have a potential to make quality vlogs, then there are number of social media platforms to join and make your identity. You can create your own YouTube channel; join Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn to connect with the audience. You can join Google AdSense to make money from these social media platforms.

Web Designing facts which will blow your mind

Web Designing facts which will blow your mind

Competition in web designing is increasing with the passage of time as we are getting modern. A fully functional website is the basic need of every business in the digital world and anybody who fails to give that cannot stay for longer in the market. Website designs are one of the ways to interact with your client which is quite difficult to design but easy to capture a large number of customers for your company.

You should update a website design every 3 years

Technologies are becoming new every passing day. Tools and techniques are changing and the way of using a computer is changing completely. For the survival of a business website, you have to update it in every 3 years. This will give a dynamic user experience and save the website for becoming obsolete. A user perception can get changed with the design of your website and this will never cost you too much.

Browser-functional web design

A web designer has to look same on each and every browser which increase the effort for the designers but at the same time, it can give the relaxation to a lot of customers. HTML and CSS are the standard languages which can help you through the journey and make you fully functional on each browser no matter you are using laptop or mobile you will get the best user experience. A study tells that only fewer changes can make a website functional for all the browsers. Diverse browsing can come with several problems so never try that web design which can give you bad results in future.

Web Design also tells the user focus

Website design can decide user focus which also includes the incorporated content. Content should be integrated on the web design in a way that it gets prominent and get the attention of the user. If the web design fails to get the user attention in first 10 seconds you can lose the loyal customers and increase in the bounce rate can give you high risk. Web designers have to be very beautiful and have full information so that a visitor on the website can turn to your customer and make a purchase immediately.

Beat all with responsive web design

Web design responsiveness is one of the vital factors in making a business profitable. A website has to be accessible on every device is called responsiveness of the website. The design of the website has to be flexible that it can easily adjust its content with the size of the device. You can also say that through this a website can get smart. A website which is not responsive can never get the business. A website which never crashes or hangs on any device is the best one and that have the ability to get famous easily in the market.

Code of the website can increase the Search Engine Ranking

Visibility on the internet is all a website need and for that business, persons work a lot. If you have a good website design which is not coded properly you can lose the views from the audience which is disappointing. Coding is also one of the vital parts which can help you to enhance the presence of the internet. If your website is not good at coding that can also create the problem for you.